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Yes! This device, and the type of treatment it administers (Red Light Therapy), are both shown to be non-harmful to the human body. Unlike the sun, which produces harmful UV light that can damage skin cells; the Joven Red Light focuses solely on generating the light frequencies that are beneficial, as well as SAFE!
For best results, the Joven Red Light is recommended to be used at least 3 times a week, for 15 minutes a session. We recommend adding this treatment into your daily night-time, face-cleansing routine. Consistency is key!
The efficacy of Red Light Therapy has been documented thoroughly in countless studies and experiments. The effects of photobiomodulation are well-known. The science shows that Red Light Therapy really does work. As advances in technology accelerate, it’s benefits will continuously be uncovered and understood.
Absolutely Not!! This device is for anyone and everyone! Regardless of skin-type or sensitivity, the benefits of Red Light Therapy are for everyone!
Yes, the Joven Red Light is designed and intended to be a permanent fixture in your daily skin care routine! Even after the first initial positive results, we recommend you continue using the device as suggested.
Nope! Red Light Therapy will not interfere with what’s already working in your skin care lineup! However, we have found certain creams and products that work extremely well in tandem with this device. Click Here to find out more…
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